Thursday, May 5, 2016

Want to get more leads online. But How?

Here is the question that becomes a buzz for every online and offline entrepreneurs. Want to get more leads online. But How? Getting leads and converting them to prospects is a good sign of your sales process or marketing. But, How to get no. of leads from your online marketing. Let me put down some of my experience as below.

Online marketing or Digital Marketing is a great tool to create brand awareness as well as for the lead generation. So, what are the methods of doing it? 

1.   SEO: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the primary tool of digital marketing, both on page and off page SEO helps you to create a buzz online. If everything is on the right track then your search rankings will be good and you will get good no. of leads from SEO.

2.   SEM: Search Engine Marketing (SEM) helps you to promote your website or brand online through Google/Bing AdWords. You can promote your website as Text Ad, Display Ad, Video Ad, and both Search as well as Display Ad. It is up to you that how much you are going to spend on it. Once you promote your website, there is a high probability of getting maximum no. of leads.

3.   SMM: Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an ultimate platform to promote your website. From 3.1 billion users of internet almost 2.07 billion are active users in social media network. These statistics show us the brand reach once we get into the social media network. Even we can generate leads from Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ etc. These social networking tools supports your website to create a brand awareness online through which you can generate leads also.

4.   Email Marketing: Start sending e-mails to your targeted audience with e-mail compliance. Make sure that you are following all the terms and conditions of CAN-SPAM ACT, for sending e-mails. This is perhaps the most effective way of generating leads.

5.   Blog Marketing: Do some content marketing through your blog posts. Link these blog posts with your social media channels and get some traffic diverted to your blog. Try to engage the audience with your content. Chances of getting a lead from your blog is high.

6.  Video Marketing: Create a video talking about your services/products or corporate history. Some of the parameters can make your video engagement rate high, such as- Have facts in it, It should not be lengthy, Try to give best quality output in it, be professional and precise in your message. Once you are done with the video upload it in YouTube, Dailymotion and other video channels. If you have budget then go for promoting your video or else try to link the URL in social media channels.

These above stated 6 tips are useful to get leads online. If you place everything on the right time at the right place with an excellent execution, then you will be getting results in short span of time. We will discuss about each of these digital marketing strategy in deep, in my later posts. 

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Monday, April 25, 2016

8 Tips for Off-Page SEO

Ranking of your website in first page of search engine results page is really a tough task. It includes lot of hard work and perfect implementation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It includes two important methods, i.e. On Page optimization and off page optimization. On- Page optimization is all that you do directly on your website to rank higher, such as html tags ( Title tag, meta tag, header tags), Internal linking, URL, content of the website etc. But, whereas off page optimization is that you will do off your website without doing anything on your website such as social media marketing, link building, content marketing, etc.

Let us discuss about off-page SEO in brief with some of the effective techniques to improve your website or blog page rank in search engine results page.
Some of Off-Page SEO Techniques are:

1.       Social Media Marketing: The need of the hour is Social Media. This is a platform to build your brand online. Popular social media websites such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram helps you to achieve website branding and converting social media traffic to web traffic. All you need to do is create profile in these channels. Post every day and get engage with your audience. This helps you as an extended online network for contacts and brand building.

2.       Search Engine Submission: Submitting website URL’s to Search engine is one of the powerful methods to get listed online. Search engines do find your website URL, but it takes time. So it is better to submit to search engines.

3.       Directory Submission: Submit website URL to local directories and all the leading directories which helps you to build backlinks also. Some of the general directories give delayed results but you get results for sure.

4.       Social Bookmarking: Bookmark your articles, blogposts, important page URL’s in social bookmarking sites such as redit, digg, Stumbleupon, Delicious etc. The results depends upon your submission and effective of using tags in the social book marking websites.

5.       Video Marketing: Upload your corporate videos, service or product offering videos in YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion so as to increasing chances of web traffic and brand awareness.

6.       Join Forums: Answer or give solutions some of the questions posted in Forums or websites like Yahoo Answers where you can show your skill quality and strength as well as building a link. Reply to threads in forums. For Ex: if you are a technology based company, then answer some of the questions in the technology forums.

7.       Content Marketing: Submit your blogposts, articles to some of article submission sites such as Go articles, Ezine etc. Give some comments to other blog posts with some genuine description and leaving your website URL, which helps search engines to point your website for link development.

8.       PR Submission: Make some press releases about your new services, websites, awards and accolades, certifications and so many things.  This helps you to develop an important inbound link to your website as well as building brand though online media.

The above noted 8 Tips for off page SEO might help you to increase the chances of SERP. We will discuss about important SEO techniques in depth in my further posts. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and Digital Marketing- Part 2

From my earlier post, we understood some of the features of Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. Now, Let us discuss in brief about these tools individually. Google Analytics (GA) is a tool of Google, for analyzing web traffic. GA have some of the best features such as Audience overview i.e. web traffic overview with a metric name as Audience. It has other metrics like Acquisition, Behavior and conversations.  Let us discuss one by one.

Audience Overview: This metric includes Page views, New Sessions, Average Session duration, Bounce Rate, geographical Location (Countries, City, and Language), System (Browser, Operating System, and Service Provider), Mobile (Operating System, Service provider, Screen resolution).

Acquisition: This metric includes All traffic (Channels, Source/medium, Referrals), AdWords (Campaigns, tree maps, search queries, keywords, SEO, Social media, Campaigns etc.),

Behavior: This metric includes Site content analysis (content drilldown, landing pages, exit pages), Site Speed Analysis (Page timings, Speed suggestions etc.), Site search data, Events data, Publishers report.

In- Page analytics: This metric gives us an insight of statistics about each and every page with an indication in percentages.

Conversations: Goals (Goal URL’s, Reverse Goal path, Funnel visualization, Goal Flow etc.), E-Commerce (Product performance, sales performance, Transactions, Time to purchase), Multi-Channel Funnels (Overview, Assisted conversation etc.), Attribution with model comparisons are some of the insights included in this metrics.

Real-time traffic, intelligent events, Shortcuts with dashboard are some of the unique features of Google Analytics. These statistics helps us to analyze the data well so as to make some changes in executing strategies.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google webmaster is another tool to understand the search appearance and website issues. Based on these results, we can fix those issues to have a better rank in SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Let us discuss about webmaster tools in brief.

Search Appearance: It includes structured data, data highlighter, HTML improvements in website, Sitelinks.

Search Traffic: Search Analytics, Links to your site, internal links, Manual Actions, International Targeting and Mobile usability.

Google Index: Index Status, Content keywords, Blocked resources, Remove URL’s.

Crawl: Crawl errors, Crawl stats, Fetch as Google, robots.txt tester, sitemaps etc.

Security issues, other resources are some of unique features of webmaster tools. Both of these tools are really helpful in executing successful online marketing strategies. With the help of these tools you can track your visitors and you can easily get to know what they are doing on your website i.e. engagement rate of your audience with your website.

Goal is a special feature of Google Analytics which helps you to set a goal and understand how it is working and how you can achieve it. For Ex: If you set page views of a particular page as a goal, then you can easily track the data with the help of Goal conversation. So, these two tools helps you to understand, track your web traffic and modify your online marketing strategy accordingly. This post is a brief description about both the tools, but let us discuss in depth about each metrics in my later posts. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Google Analytics, Webmaster tools and Digital Marketing

Worried!!! Done with website, Search Engine Optimization and in a process of executing Google Ad Words, But not able to understand, why you are not getting any leads from Digital Marketing? This is the query that runs on almost all the website owners/Marketers/Investors and many more. Most of us think that where we have gone wrong, what is that we are not doing, so many queries buzz our mind.  So what is that we need to do, to understand the source of our mistakes.

In general for a new website, it takes 3-6 months of time to get ranked in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) with the implementation of SEO. It depends upon the wireframe of SEO that is being implemented. If everything is done as per the SEO rules, then it takes 90-180 days of time to get noticed online. After the website is live, we start our marketing job. We do all kinds of marketing to get leads. Through online marketing we look for web traffic from where we can get some leads. But, Are we doing any analysis to find out whether our marketing strategies are correct or not? Not yet right! Let us discuss about it.

Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools helps you to analyze the web traffic, sources of web traffic and search analytics. The data available in these two tools can really help you to understand where you are doing it right and wrong. Google analytics helps you to understand the behavior of your web traffic, audience engagement levels on website, bounce rate, New Vs Returning audience, new sessions, Page views and many more.  In Google Webmaster tools, you get to know about search analytics, click through rates, search queries and your website position, search appearance, HTML improvements etc.  All these metrics can make you to analyze what sort of marketing strategy is required for the next execution.

Data is the most important asset for analyzing the web traffic. Both of these tools are loaded with web traffic data and most important is these tools are free of cost and very easy to understand. From these tools you can easily find out your web traffic geography i.e from which location your website is getting hits or page views. Audience are visiting your website from mobile, laptop or from which device so that you can easily make your website responsive as per the need. Even you can get details about operating system, browser details. Get to know the statistics of traffic resources, such as social media, search engine, campaigns and AdWords. Once you analyze the statistics it will be easier for you to take the next step of online marketing.  We can discuss for both of these tools separately in my next post. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

What are Mission and Vision Statements?

Confusion!!! There is always a confusion between Mission and Vision Statement. Let us discuss in brief. Every organization has some goals to achieve. They plan accordingly to reach the goals. So summarizing goals and objectives of a company in statements are Mission and Vision statements. Both the statements express different themes. Vision statement outlines what a company wants to do in future, whereas Mission statement describes what a company wants to do now leading to its future.

Mission Statement: Mission statement describes companies business, objectives and plans or approaches to reach those objectives.

Examples of Mission Statement:

Our Mission- Coca- Cola.

Our Road map starts with our mission, which is enduring. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.

  •    To refresh the world...
  •    To inspire moments of optimism and happiness...
  •    To create value and make a difference.
In the above example it is stating about the current objectives of business and creating a value for the customer. It is stating about the roadmap. It is describing about customers critical processes and about the desired value of performance to make a difference.

Vision Statement: Vision Statement talks about the future position of the company in parallel to the Industry and Society. The statement motivates and inspires the stakeholders to achieve the goal in future.

Examples of Vision Statement- Amazon

"Our [Amazon's] vision is to be earth's most customer centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online." (Quoted from
In the above mentioned example, it clearly shows Amazon’s Vision to be the most customer centric company in future and they can develop it through offering everything online to their customers.

So, A Vision statement should be carefully crafted which can help you to communicate companies dream, goals and objectives in a single sentence to all the stakeholders. Vision Statements are inspirational; they shapeup most key and important goals for the company.  . 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

SEO for Online Search Visibility- Get Noticed Online

Are you in business or would you like to get noticed your business online? Here is the tip.

The Initial step of online business starts with website. Hosting a website with related domain name helps you to reach online audience. For ex: if you are running a bakery ( Name R V Bakery) in local market and would like to get noticed by your online audience then start a website with a domain name of or anything relatively same, let’s discuss how it works.

When we do a Google, We get so many search results based on our query. Have you ever thought of how Google is displaying these search results? Google or any search engine like Bing, Yahoo work on crawling and indexing model. Please go through my previous article “HowSearch Engine Works? Search Engine Process” to know more about the search engine working. Once we type our query we get some suggestions under it. (As shown in fig: 1). in this image, we are searching for offshore software development, we have some suggestions under it. 

These suggestions are related keyword search queries, which are important for SEO. So, SEO- Search Engine Optimization is a process of optimizing your website to rank better in search queries. The better you have done SEO for your website the more you will have chances to get good rank in search engine results page SERP. SEO has two methods white hat and black hat. Doing SEO ethically without any spam methods is White Hat process and the other way around is black hat process. Based on the trusted links to the website, no. of page views, no. of searches to your website and many other organic methods decides your search rank in SERP.

SEO is an excellent marketing tool to get noticed in the organic search results. Start your first step of online marketing with SEO and get noticed to your target audience. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

15 Tips for Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To be in good ranking of search engine or to enhance your presence online you have to do search engine optimization (SEO) for your website.  Unless and until you are implementing SEO you will not be visible to your target audience. As discussed in my earlier posts about SEO process, pros and cons, differences and so on, let us discuss some tips to increase SEO strategies now.

  1. Both on page optimization and off page optimization is required for SEO. On page optimization includes keyword research and code enhancement, whereas off page optimization includes link building.
  2. Design a good and simple website- which can load in less time. Navigations should be perfect in the website. Do not use any flash, video or audio content in the home pages or websites.
  3. Check your competition website and SEO strategies before doing SEO for your website, but do not copy the same. 
  4. Do keyword research, find out relevant key words, key phrases for your products or service offerings. Match them up with the search queries of your target audience. Use Google keyword tools. Find out relevant key words, Write them up in your HTML page as <title>, <Meta Keywords>, <Meta Key phrases> tags. Write down < Meta description> within 250 characters and do not write keywords in the description, use perfect original content. Do not use dense of keywords which makes the search engine to rank your website as spam.  
  5. HTML page code enhancement- write down error free code in the page. Use <h1>, <h2> tags in your website headings. Check out alt attributes in the page. Optimize images in the website. 
  6. Design a perfect sitemap for your website, submit it to the search engines. Optimize your website for mobile users also.
  7. Create Google webmaster tools and Google Analytics account. Submit site map to webmaster tools and paste analytics tool in the home page (HTML Page) of your website. This helps you to understand the search queries and ranking of the website from webmaster tools as well traffic statistics from Google analytics. Based on this you can redefine your marketing strategies. 
  8. Submit the URL of the website to different search engines as well as different web directories.
  9.  Try to link your website with your client, vendor websites to create back links for your website. Do remember to create back links from trusted websites only. Back links should be of good and high in quality, from a trusted source. Remove back links from low quality sites.
  10. Create a Blog – Write down articles related to your product or services, Technology, related topics on your business line, case studies and white papers. This helps your target audience to understand your capability and skill level as well as this helps you to increase your SEO.
  11. Content: Use original content for your websites do not use copied content. Check duplicate content on your pages. Write content targeting your readers or customers, do not write content for SEO.
  12. Add social bookmarking buttons to your web page, post, share, comment, like in social media sites. As social media reach to a wide range of audience it is better to Post updates, news, articles, and case studies in the Facebook and even tweet them. A perfect social media marketing helps you to promote your website as well as it helps you to get leads. Create a Google+ page for your business and website- share your updates, post in that page.
  13. Create videos for your products or services, upload them on YouTube. Share the link of the video on your social media sites and pages.
  14. Press releases- Do press releases on your new product launch or new services if any. Updated news, case studies, breakthroughs, milestones so that it will help you out to build a brand.
  15. PPC- Last but not least, Do the online marketing through Google AdWords. PPC is pay per click for your link from advertisement. These ads are displayed in the Google search site as well as Google networking site. In this you can target your advertising based on your demographic, geographic and budget. This really helps you to the outreach vast number of audience.

The above tips are to increase your SEO or to implement a better SEO for your website. SEO takes time to display results, it is not instant. While implementing SEO, note down the above tips and remember to implement it in white hat method only. These tips are described in brief. I will be posting articles, in-depth of each tip very soon.